Sincerely Sheetbox


Sheet masks originated in Korea and have been used for many years now. They have gained so much popularity in the U.S. due to the instant effects they have in regards to skin brightening, softening, and firming that even U.S. brands have adopted this brilliant idea.

What are sheet masks made of? The most common and affordable sheet masks are microfiber masks, also known as cotton masks. The second most commonly used are made out of jelly-like material called hydrogels. Hydrogel masks tend to have a cool touch to the skin and will often melt slightly upon contact with the warmth of your skin. Other types of materials include bio-cellulose, tencel, and foil.

How often should I use a sheet mask? As often as you'd like! There is a current "one mask a day" trend where users would use one mask every day of the week. However, most commonly suggested is 1 to 2 times per week at minimum to get that glowy skin we're all after.

How does it fit into my skincare routine? With so many skincare steps, you're probably wondering when to squeeze in a sheet mask. While it is not set in stone, it is generally instructed to cleanse, tone, sheet mask, and then moisturize to lock in all the products. 

How long do I leave a sheet mask on? As always, follow the directions on the sheet mask packaging. However, it is generally left on for 15 to 25 minutes, and no longer than 30 minutes. Make sure to pat in the essence after removing to aid in the absorption process.

What should I do with the extra essence left in the bag? You can use the extra essence on your neck, arms, legs, elbows for extra hydration in those areas.

Should I sheet mask during day or night? Either or! We recommending using sheet masks at night, especially the richer and creamier ones while your skin cells are regenerating. It is also not unheard of for people to use sheet masks during the day, especially right before makeup application as it helps in rejuvenation and to provide a dewy glow.